Alpine Auto Repair & Tirecraft has been serving Greater Victoria and surrounding places considering that 1999 and supply full automotive repairs.

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I located out about Drive Wise from my Allstate agent, when he called me just before my policy renewal. He told me that, yes, it would possibly feel a bit intrusive at very first, but I could give it a try and then return it at any time if I did not like using the device. He told me I’d save an automatic, one-time minimum ten% discount for attempting this method.

Folks have a tendency to underestimate the value of often servicing their automobiles. All vehicles require typical inspections to ensure that all components are in functioning order, fluids are at the right levels, and worn out components are replaced.

Hi, by way of into, I am an electronics tech 20+years, and have worked on a lot of of the machines pointed out, SEQld location. I do have some service manuals also. These nevertheless interested I do have circuits for Repco 472. Other Beissbarth manuals (510 and so forth). msg me at dustooff@. My purpose for obtaining this page was in search of service codes for Hoffmann Geodyna 3001, CS0, CS1,.. C99. A single machine I had small to do with in the past, but nevertheless would be utilized in a dealer w/s if I can get it to calibrate. I’ve scanned by way of some of the codes and made sense of them in relation to sensors on the machine, but not been able to uncover actual cal entries.

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