Friendly. Accommodating. Sincere. I was quite satisfied with my visit and will be returning for future upkeep.

All 5000 sedans and wagons had sporting aspirations, but it was the S model what was the top performer. Its two.2 L turbocharged 5 cylinder engine at some point created 163 hp, a figure on par with many V8 of the time. It’s all wheel drive handling composure and the fact that several were sold with a five speed manual transmission created the 5000S unlike any big car US buyers have been accustomed to.

When you want your car worked on at a family members-oriented, reliable, trustworthy shop with years of experience, there is only a single place to go – Tilson’s Auto Repair. Let us support you with your auto repair, or any other vehicle services you might need to have, at our clean, contemporary shop at 1740 South Broadway Avenue in Rochester, Minnesota. Give us a call at (507) 282-4924 or schedule use our online kind to schedule an appointment with us these days!

I brought in my 2000 Lincoln Navigator with a issue with the heat. They quickly fixed the dilemma and even fixed a minor issue I was unaware of with no added price. They told me of a handful of concerns that I was conscious of but did not push for them to be repaired right away. They just informed me. I can not say enough very good issues about this place. They are my go to guys in savannah for positive.

I tried it in many vehicles. It didn’t function correctly in three out of 6 vehicles. False reported or double reported incidents, I couldn’t use my alarm or my remote to lock the door on a single automobile. If you get stuck in snow, you get events for starting and stopping speedily.

I agree that it would be best to have the AC difficulty fixed at an early stage. There are signs that can give the owner an idea that there is something wrong with his AC. I really liked the discussion that you gave about the possible causes of such issues.

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