The following is a choice of 1920’s car advertisements taken from my vintage automobile Ad collection that illustrate the beautiful cars and fantastic colour illustrations that are typical of automobile marketing all through most of the 1920’s era. Luxury automobiles and vehicles for the masses have been never ever two distinct groups, but by the mid-twentieth century even far more diversification had emerged, with automakers offering stratified solution lines denoting growing levels of status from standard economy models to mid-line middle class loved ones sedans to the top-of-the-line status models.

Cambria Automobiles plc is one of the UK’s quickest growing motor dealer groups in the UK. Cambria was established in 2006 with a plan to produce a best ten UK dealership group by means of the acquisition of desirable person or groups of dealerships, and develop on these possibilities via organic investment and improvement from the Group’s own resource.

Bicycle mechanics J. Frank and Charles E. Duryea of Springfield, Massachusetts , had developed the 1st productive American gasoline automobile in 1893, then won the initial American automobile race in 1895, and went on to make the first sale of an American-created gasoline car the subsequent year.

There are car shows that show only one make of car, for instance there are Mustang Car Shows, Muscle Car Shows, Antique Car Shows for automobiles ahead of 1959, as effectively as Custom Car Shows, Hot Rod Car Shows, Fund Raiser Car Shows, and the list goes on. These car shows are also entered for competition.

The Victor and Corcoran ads are each from The Automobile Trade Directory: A Classified Trade Directory of the Automobile and Industrial Automobile Industries, containing the Names and Addresses of the American Makers of Automobiles and Industrial Autos and of the Makers of Materials, Component Components, Accessories, Machinery, Tools, Shop Gear and Supplies.

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