I discovered it is crucial to keep your car all through its life. Regrettably, I discovered the hard way and ran my car down to its death bed. Its good to know of a very good auto repair in north vancouver so my next car wont have the very same fate as my last.

My husband and I just purchased a utilised Volvo that has a lot more problems then we 1st thought. C&H has been able to deal with most of the troubles appropriate away. We nevertheless have 1 far more glitch that requirements fixed and we will be great to go. C&H offers us a loaner car to use even though they are working on our car which is fantastic as we have to drive 4 hours to get to them. They are fast, effective, and very friendly. We will continue to use their solutions.

Fast, friendly, and cost-effective! Absolutely everyone was extremely nice, very articulate when I asked concerns, and provided an wonderful service. I truly liked the digital readout at the finish so that I could program for my future services. This guys are wonderful and have already suggested them to other folks!

I was really impressed with this repair shop. Simply the very best expertise I have had. They were truthful, quick, and gave recommendations that were in my best interest not just theirs. Most repair shops will attempt and recommend fixes that will earn them more income or attempt to take shortcuts. Not integrity, they live up to their name in each and every aspect of the word. Will suggest to anyone and every person.

Thanks very a lot Detroitdiesel These are ideal. Yes a circuit would be good but these two documents are a great begin. Sorry I by no means got in touch prior to but was most likely caught up in other activities. I have just moved into a new 21m x 9m workshop so once I get settled again I will begin playing with my balancer once more. I definitely have wheels that need it.

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