When I initial moved out to sunny (translation: HOT) southern California, my poor aged east coast car reacted badly.

My dad got a drivewise at the starting of this month, and I installed it and set up his account (he’s computer illiterate and Allstate actually will NOT give you a drivewise if you do not set up the on the internet account). We checked out his stats yesterday… three events, all have been net -8.6MPH challenging braking. Let me tell you, my dad is the safest (read: slowest) driver on the planet, and 99% of his trips are five miles every single way on the identical side-street route to/from the dog park at 5-6 AM. I poked enjoyable at him for becoming so ‘dangerous’ while he called up our agent to insist he hadn’t braked tough and inform them there need to be an error due to the fact he had to be seeing someone else’s stats – LOL!

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I am asking yourself if my drivewise device is defective (I truly thought so until I saw dad’s suspicious trio of -8.6MPH events). So far from what I had noticed, it really is severely sensitive in their favor, but soon after seeing it so drastically err in my favor, I just do not know.

I will give it a try and see if I can find one. That is sort of what I thought I might have to do. If I can find 1 for the John Bean 4100 would it be comparatively the very same or do I have to locate the 2500 FMC only. I will get it bolted down and level first to make sure that I’m not acquiring any movement causing issues. Thanks for the tip and your help so far.

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