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A sweet, steamy odor indicates a coolant leak. If the temperature gauge or warning light does not indicate overheating, drive carefully to the nearest service station, keeping an eye on your gauges. If the odor is accompanied by a hot, metallic scent and steam from under the hood, your engine has overheated. Pull over right away. Continued driving could result in serious engine damage. The automobile should be towed for repair.

I’ve stopped becoming angry about it, start frustrated with it, or worrying about it – it’s fairly amusing to me now. I doubt Allstate will revise their algorithm. Why would they? Like I mentioned before, the property constantly wins. Statistically, this device records so a lot of anomalies that the probability of it becoming anyplace near accurate in its measurements is infinitely approaching ZERO. And, I’d bet my life that that’s the way Allstate created it.

For a high-performing car, trust Crossway’s Automotive Repair Service with your car, truck, or van. To find out a lot more about the services we provide, please speak to us by phone at 315-893-7713 or send us an e mail We also invite you to understand a lot more about our dedication to you, our valued consumer.

I have a problem with air compressor in my car. I bring my car to garage numerous instances but the workers can’t repair it. I bought new air compressor for my car but air compressor break right after months. I do not know why air compressor typically break.

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