To offer our Policyholders with as near perfect protection, as close to excellent service as is humanly attainable, and to do so at the lowest achievable expense. Find out a lot more about comparison rates , which are obtainable from Progressive Direct® in most states and circumstances Rate comparisons offered here are primarily based on our Progressive Direct auto insurance coverage value and item and Progressive Direct’s credit evaluation, and do not consist of prices and items available from Progressive agents.

The price tag you spend for car insurance depends on the type and amount of coverage you buy, the deductible for collision and complete insurance, the type of car you personal and the qualities of you and the other drivers listed on the policy.

If you buy a vehicle that is outside the scope of what the regulations in these systems prescribe, you are left with 3 choices – fix it, sell it or dump it. Considering that none of these options entails in fact driving it, understanding where your car fits into these systems is paramount when buying a automobile.

Be prepared to input the number plate (if known), estimated car worth and annual mileage, your length of no claims bonus, the sort of use the car will be place to, particulars of accidents and/or convictions in the final 5 years and of your occupation.

To assist narrow down your search you can select your preferred level of voluntary excess, whether you want to shield your no claims bonus and if you’d choose to pay annually or monthly, with the policy choices obtainable for comparison and customisation on our quotes screen.

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