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A bedliner protects the inner-side of a truck bed from damage that might take place due to the cargo placed in it. Bedliners also help create a skid-resistance surface that allows the cargo to stay in place. There are two types of bedliners—drop-in and spray on. Drop in bedliners can be easily applied to the truck bed without the need for any preparations. But, spray on bedliners need the truck bed to be prepared for the spray on, so that the coating can cling to the bed perfectly and can last long.

Getting the bedlining work done by a professional can be costly, so, it helps getting the best DIY bedlining kit. Moreover, there are many bedliners that are easy-to-use, and save a lot of money, too. Choosing the best spray on bedliner can be confusing as there are quite a few in the market and they come with their own set of benefits and drawbacks.

The best spray on bedliner:

  1. LINERXTREEME is one of the most protective bedliner. It requires no primer application as it contains a durable mix of epoxy and urethane paint.  It may be the most expensive bedliner, but it provides great UV adhesion and toughness. It is easy to use, gives a glossy finish and is protective and durable, as well. On the flip side, it is rather expensive and the spray gun isn’t of a very good quality.
  2. Al’s LINER is available in varied colors at a reasonable price. It is highly versatile and can be mixed as per individual preferences. It is highly protective, too, and has a spray gun that is durable and of good quality. The only part one needs to remember is that the mixture hardens quickly and can prove to be quite a challenge for beginners.
  3. CUSTOM COAT also comes in many colors and quantities. It offers excellent durability and protectiveness. It is easy to apply and one of the best products for beginners. This bedliner also gives a glossy finish. However, one might require larger quantities to get the kind of professional finish that others offer.
  4. HERCULINER is the only one here that comes without a spray gun, but with a brush. It is also the most inexpensive one among all and gives an impressive thickness and durability, too.
  5. U-POL RAPTOR is the most advanced of all the bedliners. It is durable and protective and sticks firmly to the surface and doesn’t spoil under extreme weather conditions. It is water, rust and oxidation resistant and gives a very professional finish.


Choosing the best spray on bedliner can be confusing when faced with such an impressive army of bedliners. But, it helps reading reviews of those who have used the products. Check for one that is user-friendly if you intend to do the job by yourself. Also, check for the durability factor considering the extreme weather conditions the truck will have to face. Choose the color that best suits the truck as well as the quantity you will require.

Bedliners are an important investment for truck owners. Spending enough time in making the right choice will help keep the vehicle in a great condition.

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