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These Road Cars Have Been Inspired by F1

These Road Cars Have Been Inspired by F1

The performance-focused sensibilities of Formula 1 have influenced various road-going car designs over the years, and these are just a few of the most obvious offspring of the sport.

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McLaren F1

The unabashed name-borrowing of the F1, matched with McLaren’s racing pedigree, was a recipe for success for this now-classic supercar of the 1990s.

With a V12 engine supplied by BMW, a central seating position for the driver and an incredibly light carbon fibre body, it turned heads 20 years ago and continues to look the part today.

Ferrari LaFerrari

Ignoring its slightly silly name, this cutting-edge car is otherwise a perfect encapsulation of just how far technology has come in F1 over the past couple of decades.

Like its track-conquering Formula 1 equivalents, the LaFerrari brings a kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) to the road-legal car market. It can hit 62mph in less than three seconds and is selling second-hand for seven or eight times its original £1.15 million asking price.

Mercedes-AMG Project ONE

Just like the F1 hospitality Monaco race attendees can expect from https://edgeglobalevents.com/f1-hospitality/f1-hospitality-monaco/, the Project ONE provides a refined, world-class experience that is worthy of envy.

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From is shark-like exterior styling and daring dorsal fin to its ventilated bonnet and fine alloy wheels, this car oozes class and hides some quite hair-raising performance capabilities under the skin.

Its V6 engine may only have a 1.6 litre capacity, but it is actually an adapted iteration of the same power plant found on board the Mercedes-AMG F1 car line-up.

McLaren Senna

Following in the footsteps of the McLaren F1, this modern tribute to iconic driver Ayrton Senna comes with a V8 engine coupled with a pair of turbochargers that can help it reach a top speed of just over 211mph.

It is a little more common than some of the other cars on this list, with 500 examples manufactured and sold to a list of high profile clients around the world. But that does not detract from its gorgeous styling, important heritage or the fact that McLaren has also committed to donating cash to charitable causes in Senna’s native Brazil. So not only is it an important F1-inspired car, it’s also a hugely powerful vehicle which has nevertheless been put together by people with a social conscience.


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